The Kit

Like many drummers, Sean's kit has grown and been fined tuned over the years. Though it no longer has the simplicity of only his first snare he got in the 4th grade, or his first kit he received not long after that, Sean still manages to find his way around the kit with ease.

Any yes, Sean has a cymbal obsession.


  • DW Drums Collector's Series
    • 6.5x14" Pure Purpleheart Snare
    • 18x22" PurpleCore Maple Bass Drum
    • 7x8" Cherry/Mahogany Rack Tom with ESE Bearing Edge
    • 8x10" Cherry/Mahogany Rack Tom with ESE Bearing Edge
    • 9x12" Cherry/Mahogany Rack Tom with ESE Bearing Edge
    • 11x14" Cherry/Mahogany Suspended Floor Tom
    • 13x16" Cherry/Mahogany Suspended Floor Tom
    • Deep Rich Red Burst over Exotic Mapa Burl
    • All Black Nickle Hardware
  • 5.5x14" DW maple shell snare (10+6)
  • Pearl Prestige Session Select (Bass and 4 Toms):
    • 18x22" Bass Drum
    • 8x10" Rack Tom
    • 9x12" Rack Tom
    • 11x14" Floor Tom
    • 13x16" Floor Tom
  • Pearl Session Studio Select 7x8" Rack Tom


  • 14" A New Beat HiHats
  • 14" FX Trashformer
  • 14" K Dark Thin Crash
  • 16" A Medium Thin Crash
  • 6" A Custom Splash
  • 10" A Splash
  • 17" A Rock Crash
  • 18" Scimitar Crash Ride
  • 20" A Rock Ride
  • 18" A Custom China
  • 12" Oriental China/16" Oriental China stack


  • DW 9002PC Double Pedal
  • DW 5000 Turbo HiHat Stand
  • Pearl Rack and Clamps
  • DW 5000 Delta 2 Double Pedal


  • Promark: 5A
  • Promark: Hot Rods
  • American Drum Cymbal Mallets
  • Regal Tip Brushes


  • Snare: Remo Coated Ambassador
  • Toms: Remo Clear Ambassador
  • Bass Drum: Remo Clear Powerstroke 3


  • Roland SPD-S
  • Tambourine: LP